Sending stuff to Scotland

Good afternoon, my name is Allan and I am looking for a company to send my clothes shoes and bike to Glasgow Scotland.
I was hoping on Monday 01.18.16 you could pick it up from my flat in pod terebkou, 1221/7.
I wanted to know if I can pack the stuff into old banana boxes or if I need to buy specific sized boxes.
What is the prices per kilo please and how long will it take to get there please.

Allan Attkins 25.07.2016 13:13


Hi Allan,
pick up on monday on 1.8.2016 is possible, at first you must fill on-line form and pay the order in advance. Than we contact you about pick up. It is not need a special box, old banana box is all right, but you must heave box without hole. We need to know weight and size of the box for calculation of price. Here is our calculator 25.07.2016 16:12